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non-fiction, 2021

"The Good Girls is transfixing." Parul Sehgal, The New York Times

Forthcoming in Polish, Italian and French.


The New York Times: “The Good Girls is transfixing; it has the pacing and mood of a whodunit ... Faleiro has a talent for ramifying plots and slippery characters — for a narrative that resists easy formulation. We glide swiftly, smoothly, only to realize that we’re not approaching a clearing but being led into a darker, more tangled story." (Parul Sehgal)

The New York Times Book Review: "This story is at heart a Southern Gothic — a Southern Hemisphere Gothic — a tale of stymied sexuality and buried secrets. A puzzle with a surprise at the end. A riveting, terrible tale, one all too common, but Faleiro’s gorgeous prose makes it bearable."

Interview with Scott Simon, NPR Weekend Edition: "The Good Girls Aims To Uncover The Story Behind The Deaths Of Two Indian Girls."

The Washington Post: "A remarkable feat of reporting. What she finds reveals as much about the failings of India’s law enforcement, media and politics as it does about the girls’ deaths."

The Guardian: "A beautifully calibrated book, full of suspense to the final pages, urging us to walk into that night and listen."

The Economist: "A sobering portrait of a country where progress has been undermined by inequality, short-termist politics and Mr Modi’s divisive Hindu nationalism. It is a powerful indictment of a society failing its most vulnerable members. 

The Financial Times: "A gripping real life mystery and compelling whodunnit taut with dramatic tension."

The Wall Street Journal: "The Good Girls” is a riveting—sometimes astonishing—work of forensic journalism."

The Sunday Times, UK: "The Good Girls is a haunting piece of narrative reporting that lingers in the mind long after the final page is turned. It is difficult to read but difficult to put down. To understand the challenges facing young women in India today, it is essential reading."

The Observer: "Sonia Faleiro’s meticulously researched investigation results in a powerful, unflinching account of misogyny, female shame and the notion of honour."

The New Statesman: "The pages of The Good Girls demand to be turned. ... Through the remarkable attention she pays to the case, Faleiro weaves an extraordinary tale out of this “ordinary killing”, insisting on the importance of the girls’ deaths – and the uniqueness of their lives."

The Spectator: "A Romeo and Juliet-like tragedy in Uttar Pradesh ... This compelling ‘whodunit’ is a desperate reflection on the status of women."

Times Literary Supplement: "The Good Girls is at once shocking and mundane, quiet and loud, understated and savage."

Literary Review: "The Good Girls is a compassionate, timely and necessary book that explores the issues of sex, violence, shame, honour and what it is to be a girl growing up in modern India."

Publisher's Weekly: "True crime buffs will be fascinated."

Kirkus: "A modern day Rashomon"

Grove Atlantic/Bloomsbury UK/Penguin Random House India/Penguin Random House Canada/Czarne/Neri Pozza Editore/Editions Marchialy

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