13 Men

With 13 Men, Sonia Faleiro has written a 21st-century, international heir to In Cold Blood—at once a shocking reconstruction of how an isolated village took brutal revenge on one of its own, and a hard look at the scourge of rape in India. Elegantly written and fearlessly reported,13 Men investigates one of India’s most shocking crimes, taking readers deep into one besieged community in a heart-wrenching, moment-by-moment account of the crime and its aftermath.


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San Francisco Chronicle: 'A vital contribution to changing attitudes in India and around the world about crimes against women.' 

  • The Guardian: 'Resonates with the same spirit of true-cime enquiry as Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood".' (April 3, 2015) 


    "Narrative non-fiction at its most powerful."
    - Fatima Bhutto


    "Sonia Faleiro is becoming a genre in doing what so few are able to or want to, in peeling back layers of the truth in a republic where there are few reliable metrics for measuring it."
    - Adrian Levy, co-author, The Siege: Three Days of Terror Inside the Taj


    "If you’re marginalized, poor, and a victim, your individuality tends to get lost. The great merit of this powerful essay is that it never does that: despite her ordeal and through it, Baby remains someone."
    - Abhijit Banerjee, co-founder, The Abdul Jameel Poverty Action Lab


    "13 Men is a remarkable feat of close reporting recounted through a single narrative that is, in equal measures, lyrical and enthralling."
    - Eliza Griswold, author, The Tenth Parallel